Featured Maker, Bob Free

For years, we carried Rich DeWilde’s stunning stained glass in the store. When Rich passed away, Bend lost a great talent.⁠

Our search for heirloom-quality stained glass pieces took me to Bob Free, a local stained glass artisan in Redmond, Oregon. Bob’s work is beautiful and we are thankful for his willingness to continue the tradition of a cherished item for the Bend community.


Featured Maker, Poterie Renault

Located in Argent sur Sauldre, near Orleans, France, the family-run workshop of Poterie Renault closed after producing sturdy stoneware pieces, many of which are fired in the company's traditional salt glaze, for over 170 years.

Louis Stanislas Renault opened the pottery in 1847 and chose his location for the richness of the local clay. The materials, methods and forms have remained relatively unchanged in the company’s history. The walls of its kilns were more than a meter thick. During its heyday, Poterie Renault was used by restaurants and professional kitchens all over France. 

Lone Crow Bungalow was given the opportunity to purchase this now vintage inventory but once the inventory is gone, these collectible relics of the classic French kitchen will be gone forever.


Featured Maker, Northern Toboggan Co.

John Harren, started Northern Toboggan Co. in 1995 in Warroad, Minnesota, when fate connected him with his mentor in Northern Manitoba, Canada. John had heard of this niche opportunity for years from his uncle who traveled often to remote Canadian communities for work. Over a couple of years John’s mentor handed down the traditional process and design that was once passed down to him. A process rich in techniques that are centuries old. John has now passed this process to his sons, Gabriel and Jackson, who are evolving Northern Toboggan Co. to provide artisan sledding gear for generations to come. Shop these timeless toboggan’s at our downtown Bend store.


Featured Maker, Cultivate Creativity

Meet local artisan, Jennifer Nordby (on the right), the creative behind vintage, handmade ornaments. Nordby has extended her creative magic to even more Christmas treasures. Creating intricate ornaments riddled with beautiful antique finds. Every detail that Nordby creates is made with her own Christmas magic. We love how they make us smile and inspire the holiday season, and it’s hard to choose a favorite. Find Jenny’s work on Instagram @jnvintagecreations.


Featured Maker, Rustic Marlin

Rustic Marlin was founded out of love in 2012, when Melanie and Brian O’Neil tied the knot and crafted their own wedding gifts. Since saying their vows, the couple is now creating custom decor alongside a team of over 50 craftsmen, designers, and artists. All of Rustic Marlin’s products are handmade in the USA.